Explore at your leisure...

the constantly changing and diverse mix of plants and landscaping themes featured in the Daltons Plantation gardens. Contact us to arrange a visit for your gardening group.

Be inspired...

to create garden a environment that reflects your lifestyle and passions as you wander through the many garden ‘rooms’ found on this 10 acre block that is Daltons Plantation.

Dalton’s Plantation

Judith Dalton and Xanthe White have grown a creative concept into one of Waikato’s most unique venues.

Utilising the design skills of one of New Zealand’s leading garden designers, Xanthe White, Daltons Plantation showcases new plants, products and different garden styles in a 10 acre development adjacent to Daltons operating site in Matamata.

The gardens also display Daltons comprehensive range of landscaping products, growing media, and of course, all plants will be sourced from Daltons extensive base of nursery customers.

Daltons Plantation is a living, evolving representation of all the very best the gardening industry has to offer. Designed to wow and inspire, Daltons Plantation is yet another example of Daltons actively supporting the gardening industry in New Zealand.






Our Gardens

Visit our delightful cafe set amidst up to 20 ‘garden rooms’, each highlighting different garden styles in a constantly changing and diverse mix of plants and landscaping themes.

View our gardens here