Autumn at the Plantation

Summer may have come and gone with a hiss and a roar but my goodness the intense heat was beating on every living thing. Everywhere (like so many other places) was dry and yearning urgently for water!


Summer at the Plantation

Summer has arrived with a hiss and a roar! The gorgeous cherry blossoms are finished and the lilacs have been the most magnificent ever this year. The roses are now out in all their splendour in a raft of majestic colours, taking everyone’s eye as they look out along the Lawn Vista or the Courtyard….


Broccoli Salad

Enjoy this crunchy, fresh salad warm or cold!


This recipe is called ‘Solyanka’. In its original form, it is a Russian meat stew. However, in the 70’s, it appeared in the iconic moosewood cookbook by Molle Katzen, as a vegetable casserole. It makes excellent use of cabbage and silver-beet, rather craftily…


Welcome to Autumn… and with it some cooler temperatures in the morning and hopefully some rain!

What a great summer we have had but what a hard summer when it comes to growing – so hot and so dry. We have been watering as much as we can – thankfully we have…