Our Gardens

Each garden at Daltons Plantation is a feature in itself, and along with Judith Dalton, Xanthe White has been an integral partner in their design and creation. There have been many partners in the creation of each garden, from nurseries supplying plants to the gardeners that tend to them, to the chef who picks their spoils. We want to thank all who have been a part of creating this inviting environment.

“This is the most exciting venture I have been involved in and I am sure the results will speak for themselves”, says designer and partner Xanthe White. Visit Xanthe’s website at xwd.co.nz

The Courtyard

Enter the courtyard of Daltons Plantation under the arched blossoms and through the hand crafted gates, to discover an area bordered by fig tress, berries, citrus, chillian guavas and hedging. Great swirls of leptonella grow beneath your feet as you pass the water feature pond, up the steps planted with pratia and into the Homestead.

The Lawn Vista

One of the first garden rooms to be created, this lush length of grass is bordered by seasonal flowers and acts as a spacious resting place for some, and an active playing space for others.

The Setsugekka Maze

Adjacent to the entrance of the Contemporary Japanese Garden is the Camellia Sassanqua Setsugekka Maze. A fun maze that provides both entertainment and the opportunity to peep into other garden rooms. When the Camellia walls are in full flower they create delightful area to get lost in!

The Amphitheatre

Designed as a platform for other’s imaginations. A backdrop of planting acts as a noise barrier from the rest of the world and also encloses the theatre in mystery. A forest of white bark birch and entrances framed in Magnolia ‘Vulcan,’ generously donated by Growing Spectrum, offer the perfect solution for year round shelter and seasonal change. Large drifts of native grasses underplanting the trees complete this simple garden room.

The Contemporary Japanese Garden

A tranquil setting of New Zealand natives and a Japanese style water feature. Hinuera Stone is a key feature with the entrance starring hefty blocks that form steps and create stunning and distinctive retaining walls. The stone also forms the main platform from where the garden can be viewed before ambling along the pathway. The land has been contoured to create privacy and a peaceful space, setting the scene for the garden journey ahead.

The Spring Garden

Created for guests to meander through and around grassy paths. There is a sense of new life here – exponential growth and exuberance that is only seen in springtime. Lavender fields  provide a subtle perfume and are a stunning collection of deep purple amongst the poppies, violets and iris. A circle of paving combined with Daltons Decorative Pebble acts as a platform from which to view surroundings. Crab apples, ballerina apples, weeping silver pear trees and madame katrina hydrangeas are just some of the stunning plants that encompass this special area.

The Kauri Grove

Walking through the Setsugekka Maze and on through the Contemporary Japanense Garden, you’ll find a stone path that leads you through the quiet cool of the Kauri Grove. A leptinella path is beneath your feet as you wander through, surrounded by New Zealand natives. While still young, these strong trees exude a calming ambience, providing opportunity to reflect on the beauty of our country’s strong native heritage.

The Potager Garden

Built so that guests, staff and most importantly the chef can walk around this potager maze of vegetables, this garden is a favourite with the kitchen staff at the Homestead Cafe. This garden gives the Plantation the opportunity to grow our own fresh vegetables and herbs for our cafe creations. The garden grows cauliflower, corn, beans, tomatoes to mention a few. At it’s centre is the herb garden where the fragrance is noted as you wander around this bountiful garden room.

The Bulb Garden

As you walk over the bridge between the Kauri Grove and the Chelsea Garden you will find yourself above a valley of bulbs amid wispy grasses. This garden is still developing as the bulbs change with the seasons and provide a bright spot to make you smile.

The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden was created because our chefs use so many herbs of so many varieties, that there was no longer room in the vegetable garden. It has many ordinary herbs plus some interesting ones such as purple basil for vegetable and salad dishes ,and chocolate mint to top of the deserts. Planted in colour groups, it is wonderful to walk around savouring the different herbs.

The Chelsea Garden

The Chelsea 100% Pure NZ Garden was first created by Xanthe White for Tourism NZ at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2006.