Summer has arrived with a hiss and a roar! The gorgeous cherry blossoms are finished and the lilacs have been the most magnificent ever this year. The roses are now out in all their splendour, in a raft of majestic colours, taking everyone’s eye as they look out along the Lawn Vista or the Courtyard.

They not only look wonderful; their perfume is amazing and they also taste so so good in our rose-petal punch and jam plus lots more.

The veggie garden has gone from being water-logged to needing water and of course is now in big demand with the wedding season and Christmas celebrations in full flight. There are lots and lots of new delicious salads being created from the garden and the strawberries are now ripe and ready so our berry cheesecakes and summer parfaits are all go.

The Spring garden is alive with new growth and the replanted Lavender garden is thriving. The Colour garden is just exactly that and the Maples at the end of the Vista have all their new leaves as do the Hornbeam hedges.

Walking around the Plantation makes me appreciate life all the more………..with birds all chirping, the insects all busy- put together with the beauty and scent of flowers, foliage, fruit and veg -the wonder of nature is so inspiring, refreshing and calming all at the same time, with something new and exciting hiding every corner.